Friday, November 2, 2012

Meet Daisy Belle

This is Daisy the cockapoo. She's been with our family since 2004. That means she's now a senior dog, but you sure wouldn't know it by looking at her. People still assume she's a puppy when they first meet her. She's just so full of raw enthusiasm. 

A friend said to me very recently: "You just can't help but fall in love with Daisy." And I agree. She's not the best behaved dog in the world (even though she did get an A at puppy training) but she is most definitely one of the sweetest! 

This is Daisy's favourite spot. From this position on top of the ottoman she can watch over her domain and see the front door. She normally sits and waits until all her people are safely inside the house.

She is multi-talented...Daisy the surfing dog.

Daisy, as a puppy. In this case, the kids were able to tell the teacher that the dog ate their homework and it was true! See, I told you she wasn't very well-behaved. 

Again, here she is showing off her rebel side. She is looking straight at me and seems to be saying: "What? You got a problem with me sitting on the table, lady?" 
Anyone who knows Daisy also knows that she LOVES her ball. This dog would rather go without eating than go without her ball. You don't think I'm serious? Just ask anyone who's thrown the ball 50 times in a row and asked: "Does she ever get tired of fetching that thing?" The answer would be no, no she doesn't!

Sometimes we think we should have called her Houdini because she is quite the escape artist. She figured out a while ago that she could sneak out of the yard to visit her doggy friends by squeezing through the fence posts. I don't know how many times I sheepishly answered the front door to find a neighbour holding Daisy in their arms. 

Recently though, my son and husband fixed her little wagon by lining the fence with wire mesh. Please don't give her any wire cutters, she'll know what to do with them!