Monday, November 5, 2012

Happy Birthday to Me!

This past weekend we celebrated my birthday at my parents' house. Have I mentioned that my mother is a brilliant cook? In fact, I think she missed her calling because nothing makes her happier than cooking a delicious meal for a big bunch of people. And a big bunch of people is what we were for my birthday feast. There were 17 of us at the table for dinner. Yes, 17, and my mom didn't bat an eye. As usual, she prepared a restaurant-worthy meal which left all of us stuffed but oh so happy!

At least my mom didn't have to wonder what to make for dinner, as for the last 35 years or so, she has been making the same meal for my birthday. A boeuf bourguignon worthy of Julia Child is what I decided was my favourite meal when I was a little girl and so every year it makes an appearance.  

The massive amounts of boeuf bourguignon, simmering on the stove top. Many a bottle of red wine was sacrificed for this dish.

The beautifully-set table.

This was a simple, but delicious dessert prepared by my aunt and uncle who were visiting from out-of-town. Heavy cream, yogurt and lemon were served inside the hollowed-out lemons. Very refreshing after a big meal. But the dessert extravaganza was only beginning...

The tiramisu birthday cake was heavenly. Unfortunately, I forgot to take a picture of the apple cake and the pumpkin pie, the latter having been baked by my little nieces. Yup, we like dessert quite a bit in my family. 

A glimpse of the tiramisu.

It was a feast to remember, made even more memorable by the people sharing it with me. Now, anyone out there need a cook? Give my mom a call, she's the best! 


  1. Gosh that looks fabulous! Love the way the table looks. Lovely. Lucky girl you have ;-) Happy birthday again, Annik!

  2. I meant, lucky girl you are! ~ Valérie

  3. Thank you for your birthday wishes, Valerie. I agree that I am a lucky girl.

  4. Nothing beats la cuisine de grandmaman!