Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Lotions and Potions

I was excited to find this pretty package in the mail today.

But when I brought it upstairs to try on I found this...

And it made me think that maybe I have a bit of an obsession with moisturizers. Am I addicted to them? Maybe I'm a lotion hoarder. Or maybe I'm forgetful and think I've run out so I keep buying more. More than likely, I just like to smell good. And the strange thing is that, despite trying new products, I keep coming back to the same perfect lotion every single time. This one.

There's something magical about this product. I get compliments whenever I wear it and my co-workers comment that they know I'm at the office because they can smell oranges down the hall. Anyway, for whatever reason, this just works with my body chemistry, whereas most perfumes don't. I'll find what I think is the perfect perfume and after a few hours I can't stand myself and have to go wash it off. 

So I will likely always be a body butter kinda girl. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go rearrange my moisturizer collection. 

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