Friday, October 18, 2013

Kitchen Reno (the final chapter)

The kitchen reno was finished a few weeks ago. We are thrilled with the outcome but don't have any burning desire to ever do a kitchen renovation again. All in all it was a fairly easy process with the one exception being that our cabinet installer turned out to be a pretty big diva. I will never forget one memorable occasion when he had an all-out screaming match with his boss because he didn't want to do what was being asked of him. My husband stood next to them looking bemused while I wisely hung out on the deck with Daisy watching all the drama unfold. It was quite entertaining I must say! Everything worked out in the end as the diva installer did what had been asked of him in the first place (all the while mumbling and cursing under his breath). We can now add this anecdote to our repertoire of kitchen reno stories! 

One of my favourite details of the new kitchen is the open shelves with subway tile behind. I filled the shelves with an eclectic mix of pretty and useful things. I have a thing for bowls and tend to collect them wherever I go. Here I've mixed bowls from Japan, Mexico and the Yukon. Weird combination of places I know!

Another of my favourite things are these pendant lights which we found at Zone in Ottawa. It's almost impossible for me to walk out of that store without buying something for myself or for the house.

You may recall in my previous post that I had asked the company that built our cabinets to spray paint the table and chairs in the same paint that was used for the cabinets. That was a decision that we were really happy to have made as it meant that we were able to reuse our furniture which we still liked very much but which looked dingy against the bright white cabinets.

As you can see, we went against the norm and had the island seating facing away from the kitchen instead of inward. The reason is simple: we love our leafy backyard and prefer to look outside while having breakfast rather than staring at the stove and microwave. Most kitchen designers tried to dissuade us from doing this but we are happy that we didn't listen to them.

So now that the kitchen is done we can start planning for our next reno which won't be for another year at least. Master bathroom with the sad vinyl flooring: Get ready, you're next! 

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  1. Le r├ęsultat est superbe. I can't help wondering what it is your "diva installer" did not want to do... ~ V.