Friday, October 26, 2012

Two weeks in Italy

The beginning of Fall was the perfect time to fly off to Italy for two weeks. The kids were settled into their school routines and I assumed that Italy would be a little less crowded at that time of year. That last statement turned out to be not quite true. It seemed as if the entire world decided to visit at the same time that we did! Despite the crowds, we had a fabulous time. We pretty much ate our way through Italy but, thankfully, we also did a whole lot of walking. My motto was "a gelato a day" while my husband's was "up for adventure." We were true to both! 

Our first stop was the Eternal City, Rome. Rome is breathtaking and grand but also easy to get around on foot. We were lucky enough to have rented an apartment through Airbnb which was mere steps to the Pantheon. It turned out to be a great pied-à-terre in Rome. The only drawback was that it is up four flights of stairs, quite a hike when you've been walking hours and hours during the day. 
The first of many, many cups of gelato. Yum!

In my opinion, Caffe Sant'Eustachio is where you will find the best cappuccino in Rome.
The awe-inspiring Colosseum
Cycling on the very bumpy Appian Way. The best part was the wine and cheese in the middle of the six-hour bike tour. The worst part was cycling in Rome traffic to get to the countryside. Scaaary!
The Trevi Fountain, at night. Of course we threw a coin in the fountain, to ensure our return to Rome, someday.

Friends, please stay tuned as I will be posting on the rest of our Italian adventures soon. Next stop, lovely Florence.

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