Saturday, October 27, 2012

Falling for Florence

I had a bit of a love affair with Florence. The stunning city is known for its art, in particular, the famous statue of David from Michelangelo. It is also a city for lovers of beauty. I took hundreds of photos during our two days in Florence because there was something stunning  everywhere I looked. Sigh, I miss Florence already!
A view of the Arno river and one of Florence's romantic bridges.
I'll never forget my first sight of the city, at night, in the rain.

 Sweets in the window of Scudieri. I did not try any of it but it was lovely to look at.
A glimpse of the Duomo. 
Michelangelo's famous David. I admit it, we only saw the reproduction as I had failed to plan ahead and reserve our time to see the original inside the Accademia. We just weren't up to waiting upwards of three hours in line to see it. Oh well, next time!

Our Italian adventure ends in Venice, which I will have you tour in my next post. See you soon!

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